Carda Burke
the bridge
06-24-16the piano
06-24-16desert machines
06-23-16ok, so this one is. 
05-08-1605-08-1604-30-16I'm sorry, can I help you with something?
I thought we were done here. (hull)
04-24-1604-22-16 (landing)04-22-16 (victory)04-19-1612-22-1412-21-1412-09-1412-08-1411-21-14space
06-28-1406-28-1406-09-14rough lights, house crowd, always on 
03-07-14chistes from the big chair
03-07-14the biz
sugars 1&2 please go find something else to do
full measure
06-01-13the see-eh-tay (7 of 7)
06-01-1304-27-13sugars 1 & 2
this one ain't about you
so quitcher eavesdroppin
04-26-13the seisu
04-26-13the sancu 
04-26-13the kit
04-25-13the quatre the catch the catch
04-25-13love it all
love it all
love it all
she said
04-10-1304-10-13the tresu
04-09-13so fine by me
03-29-13the twosies
03-29-1303-29-13the onesies
03/21/1303/21/13on me
03/21/1303/08/1302-26-1302-26-1302-17-13knowing is half
02-04-1302-04-13cohsuh 1
cohsuh 2
01-31-1301-30-13who will get into HEAVE?
01-29-13way we get by
12-22-12aye still wish you the best
12-22-12the way finding 
12-22-12ewoks of death metal return in robot-spirit form
12-21-12fucking martes
11-20-1211-10-1211-10-12rhines and rhimbles 
10-23-12the chorus
10-23-12little bit of history repeating 
10-23-12the nothing for it now
10-21-12pleased meechu
10-21-12soon was now
10-21-1210-18-1210-15-1210-11-12office games
10-02-12say honeyhoney won't getcha too far
08-17-12recapitulated standard 
08-12-1207-12-12the test
07/05/12my many thanks
my many thanks 
06/09/1205/01/12movin out 
04/09/12the dark matters 
03-08-12who's got you
03-05-12The G Wizarding
03-05-12the distor timey
03-05-12battle picks you
03-05-12for anchoring and patching
03-05-12the b.f.f.f.u.'s
02-19-12didn't know the fealty was going to be so steep
01-20-12shield level 6
01-09-12dr. nakamura
01-09-12la invasion cylon comienza en Valencia 
(galactica jardin) 
01-08-12tolkein and a cylon walk into a rückenfigur... 
01-08-12not all who wander above a sea of fog are lost
(galactica regular)
01-08-12this christmas let's all look for the escape hatch
12-17-11waterfront cover
12-04-11came here to rock the miiicrophone
11-30-11with a fever but nuthin he found
st. ebbo/a
11-30-1111-27-11ewok of death metal battles the kraken. 
and wins. 
11-26-11the flowers in earnest 
11-26-11the basic space
but it's a stretch. 
11-26-11L.P.B.K. peaces out
09/28/11such a lonely word
09/28/1109/15/11for funsies
09/15/11nevermind what anybody else done
09/01/1108/22/11before you know it, it's so fucked
08/21/11this is kinda always your fault
08/21/11OH! You're still here...
07/24/11All I Want Now Is Happiness For You And Me
E.M. to E.S. 07/18/11The Fealt UP! 
07/17/11We would blast it all day, 
We would bring it on and on 
07/17/11all the details, all the time, all of them
07/13/11push against it harder, it will push back
07/11/2011Messed up the missing of you
07/01/2011Miss Saeki waiting
07/01/2011The Castlevania
07/01/2011sick of you a little
07/01/2011The Willitdunows
April 2011whataboutchyofriends
April 2011"A biter AND a hater?!!?... You must feel so blessed!"
03/09/11filled to the top with fear
that it's all just a bunch of mattuh
02/27/11for sensitive teeth 
02/27/11ice cremate us hiatus
self-portrait as Peter Criss and William Hurt in Altered Statessoon is coming now
11/10/2010compunction junction
(no, not you)
10/2010ankle monitor busted
10/2010there was a hiatus
because it had been
summertime to celebrate us (me)
09/2010the long trip, 07/14/10no living man am I, 07/14/10year one smooth crime grieving
(You know that love survives... so we can rock forever...)
06/25/10cleaning the beats, beats that clean
06/20/10to wild homes we go, to wild homes we return
06/20/10Knights of a Round Called Malice 06/01/10little shooter mcgavins 06/01/10holes the size of wrists and ankles, 
the coxica boxes 05/18/10mamasaymamasawmuhmacoosaw 05/14/10The Rules 05/12/10Heavy Squalls 05/11/10brothers 05/11/10impossible harmonium 05/06/10a visit from old friends 05/03/10Activating The Frederick Gorresters 05/03/10now you can tear a tv show down, but you can't erase a memoreeee.... 05/01/10harmonium found, paying still 04/29/10arcs of a building 04/29/10Climbing Stairs girl fights to remember Gene Kelley dream sequence 04/26/10Still unable to eat shellfish lo these many months after watching District 9 04/23/10Sticks In The Mud Man 04/20/10A Sleeping Mountain Exits Slowly 04/20/10Don't Stop Thinkin' About Tomorrow 04/19/10bowledover-bunderwhelmed by The Heavy Eye Rollers 04/16/10The Heart That My Beat Skipped 04/15/10mind's voice speaking voice 04/13/10The Harebit Fiends' Round Table 04/13/10Uncle H.M. 04/09/10Heat Rising Self-Defense Against Wet Blanket Attacks 04/09/10sivezalgodialgo - the crazy snapping monger on the dull gray train 04/07/10Antidote 04/05/10The Harebit Fiends lend a hand 04/05/10The Harebit Fiends, 04/04/10Escape Velocity, 04/02/10Wet Blanket Attack, 04/02/10Grandmas of Shaming Judgement Lurk Inside Your Friends, 04/01/10Shield of Milk and Paper, 03/28/10Glass Cow Flags of Warningshock and Sorrow 03/28/10
Flight School Past and Future, 03/22/10The Heavy Eye Rollers, 03/21/10
The Dailies